Why I love my Fitbit

I absolutely LOVE Fitbit's customer service! I bought my Fitbit Flex in December 2014, and it recently died. It wouldn't sync, and I tried to reset it a few times. Nothing would bring my Fitbit back to life. I reached out to their customer service team using the chat option on their website. They were able to determine that it wasn't holding a charge. In less than twenty minutes, they were mailing me a replacement Fitbit Flex. That is customer service.

My Fitbit keeps me really motivated. I sit in my car fighting Northern Virginia Traffic daily, I sit at my desk from 9 - 5. So, I needed something that would motivate me more to keep moving. My Fitbit keeps me moving! You get to meet a fun community of Fitbit friends that allow you to have fun competitions with other Fitbit users. I now walk over a mile to and from the parking garage at work, and I walk during my lunch break. It really is worth having, and I really recommend owning one.

You can also track how much water you drink, your sleep, your most active, and least active days. Fitbit offers various models that do more if you are looking to track your heart rate. I use my Polar Watch to track my heart rate and calories when I am working out. When I decide to upgrade my Polar Watch and Fitbit Flex, I will look into getting the Fitbit Surge. Until then, I really love my Fitbit Flex!
xo, Stephanie

Find me on Fitbit here: www.fitbit.com/user/33HXDC

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