Farmer's Market Haul

I love the fall season at the farmer's market! There are so many great fruits, and veggies that you can stock up on!

Here are a few things that are great to stock up on during the fall:

  • broccoli 
  • sweet potatoes 
  • apples
  • winter squash 
  • herbs
  • onions 
  • pears
  • beets
  • pumpkins 

I picked up all the stuff above for $23! This will last us for the rest of the week. I love making roasted green beans, and broccoli is always good to snack on, or steamed for a meal. I love making spaghetti squash {I will post an easy way to cook your spaghetti squash soon} instead of making actual spaghetti noodles. 

The above farmer's market haul was $31! I really needed to pick up a few things since we were out of town on vacation. I am so glad kale is back at the farmer's market! You can do so many things with kale! It's great in smoothies, and kale chips are awesome!! 

Eating healthy can be hard, but it shouldn't be expensive. I really try to shop around for the best prices, and the farmer's market always has a great deal. Going with cash will always keep you from overspending, and always go with a list! I try to meal plan as much as possible so I am not throwing food away. I like to keep my meals simple, but not boring. I am also excited to put my slow cooker to use!

Support your local farmer's market!! 

xo, Stephanie 

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