Staying on Track

It doesn't matter what healthy lifestyle plan you follow, but I do know the only way I can stay on track is meal planning. Sunday's are my rest day, and I take the day to get organized for the week. Since it was Labor Day Weekend, I decided to hold off until yesterday.

If you are looking for an awesome FREE printable check out the Little Coconutty's printable here. I love meal planning, and prepping. It saves me so much time in the mornings, and I don't get the 5pm phone call asking what's for dinner. 

Yesterday I made shaved brussels sprouts with diced pancetta and two crispy fried eggs. It was so easy to make. Trader Joe's sells pre-shredded brussels sprouts - and they are a BIG time saver. I also had some left over diced pancetta that I bought from Wegman's. I just threw the brussels sprouts, pancetta into a pan with some avocado oil. I cooked the brussels sprouts until they were crispy, and fried two eggs. SO EASY. 

Whole30 Approved. Paleo. 21 Day Fix One Green One Red.
After taking the morning to meal plan, I went to Wegman's to stock up. My family doesn't eat 100% Paleo, but they do eat clean. My kids LOVE spaghetti. I picked up some quinoa, cottage cheese, and Greek yogurt. I have started to add some Primal items to my meals, but still finding that 80/20 Paleo balance. 

Before starting all the meal planning, I decided to try doing a few headstands. BUT that can be hard while you have a 19-month-old trying to climb you. 

Life goals.

xo, Stephanie 

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