Target Haul

Is it bad that the Target employees know me, and I don't even work there? I might have a Target problem. They had so many good deals when I went. The La Croix was on sale 4 / $12, and the Chobani Greek yogurt was on sale 10 / $10. I have never had Greek Yogurt before, but it's really good. I am not a big yogurt fan, but I do like Greek yogurt! I did notice that some of the Chobani flavors used NON-GMO ingredients. Which is a big plus when I buy food for the family.

Also, their Simply Balanced products are great and reasonably priced. I also noticed that some of those products are NON-GMO as well. I love Applegate lunch meat - they are nitrate free, and they are great to snack on when you're on the go. I also found a gluten free cake mix that I cannot wait to make! Annie's BBQ sauce was on sale, so I had to pick up a few for the kids. Even though my family doesn't eat 100% Paleo, they do eat clean. I try to keep it mostly organic, and clean as possible. 

While walking around the store, I found this awesome looking gelato. I didn't buy it, but I will probably try it after hearing how great it is! Because BALANCE. 

Target rocks!

xo, Stephanie 

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