Whole90 Round Two

So, I decided to just jump right in and do another Whole90. After completing my last Whole90, things got really busy, I gained some weight, and honestly felt awful. I haven't been to the gym in forever, and I stopped doing a lot of the things that I really enjoy. Running. Yoga. Eating Paleo.

You don't have to wait for Monday, the new year, or a new month to start something. That's a habit I wanted to break. I am always telling myself - "Just start Monday." Monday comes, and goes, and I am right back where I was - "Just start Monday."

When I do a Whole30 or Whole90, the only way I can stay on track is always being prepared. So, I went to Target, and Costco to stock up.

Here are the things that I always like to have when doing a Whole30/Whole90

  • LARABAR's (make sure the ones you are eating are compliant!!) 
  • Applegate hot dogs, and roast beef (again make sure the lunch meat is compliant)
  • Kombucha!! It's a must!
  • La Croix ANOTHER must!!
  • Fruit
  • Veggies
  • Meat (chicken, ground beef, pork chops)
  • Seafood (salmon and tuna are my go-to's)
  • Aidells Chicken Apple Sausage (these are great for breakfast, lunch, and dinner)
  • Eggs!!!!
  • Compliant Bacon - if you can't find compliant bacon prosciutto is a great alternative
  • Almonds
  • Canned coconut milk
  • Avocados 
  • Avocado Oil
  • Sea Salt, Pepper, Red Pepper Flakes 
  • Herbs 
  • WATER 
  • Dates
  • Compliant Pasta Sauce (no sugar added)   
If you need more info on doing a Whole30 for the first time - check out their website!! It has all the info!! www.whole30.com

xo, Steph 


  1. I'm pretty sure at this point I couldn't function with some of these haha! Especially La Croix!