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While searching for natural ways to help with cellulite, I found a few articles on dry brushing. At first the thought of brushing my skin sounded painful. After reading about all the benefits of dry brushing, I decided to find the perfect brush, and give it a try.

I was unsure of how the brush would feel on my skin, so I bought two brushes. I found one at Target, and the other at Vitacost. You want to look for a brush that has natural bristles, and with a handle.

  • helps with battling cellulite
  • removes dry skin
  • removes toxin from your body 
  • helps with clogged pores 
  • energizes your lymphatic system

I started doing this first thing in the morning before getting in the shower. I start at my feet, and work my way up my body in small circular motions. I do this for about five minutes, take a warm shower, and then moisturize my skin with coconut oil after my shower. I try to do this in the evening after the gym, but before a shower. 

I use the less abrasive brush (the brush on the left; found at Target) for my upper chest, neck, and face. Dry brushing your face helps with aging, removing dead skin cells, and renewing your skin. When dry brushing your skin, don't pull your skin down, always go up, and use circular motions. This will help prevent wrinkles!!! I only do this for about a minute, and then apply coconut oil to my face, neck, and upper chest after taking a shower. 

I have only recently started dry brushing, I can't wait to update you after doing this for a month. 

xo, Steph


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