How to Clean your Makeup Brushes

Saturday's are for relaxing, coffee, and getting organized. Since I don't wear a lot of makeup on the weekends, I like to clean my makeup brushes. It only takes a few minutes to do, and will keep your face from breaking out. Think of all the crap that is stuck in your makeup brushes. It will also keep your brushes lasting longer. I don't have very expensive makeup brushes, but I do like to keep my things clean.

I am big on cruelty free makeup, and Eyes Lips Face ELF cosmetics is really all I use. I really LOVE their makeup brushes. They aren't pricey, they are sleek looking, and they have really good reviews. You can find ELF cosmetics at Target, or you can shop their website online.

I try to clean my makeup brushes once a month. I don't have some crazy routine, and it takes only a few minutes.

First I take each individual brush and run lukewarm water over the bristles, then I use a mild soap to clean them. I love using Dr. Bronner's pure castile soap in Baby Mild. This brand is awesome - vegan, and cruelty free. I add a little soap to the bristles, and start cleaning the bristles while running the brush under the water. Sometimes it takes a second attempt getting the brush 100% clean. Once the brush is clean, I make sure all the water is removed from brush, and then I lay them down on a clean towel to air dry.

Simple, and easy! 

xo, Steph 

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