whole30 on-the-go

I wanted to share some of my favorite Whole30 meals that have been on repeat during round 1254515 of my Whole30. HAHA! That really isn't the exactly number, but sometimes it feels like it. This is probably round nine?! I LOVE doing Whole30's. They keep me on track, and I feel really good when I do them. Now, if I could find that balance when I am not doing one.

Prosciutto egg cups are my jam. Taco salads are on the top of my list this round. Do you ever do a Whole30, and get stuck on one type of meal during the whole thing? One thing I never get tired of is - eggs. Seriously. Eggs are always good for any meal of the day. Fried, soft boiled, egg cups, egg muffins, runny yolks are SO GOOD!! I have been eating a lot of salads too. Avocados wrapped in prosciutto - probably the best thing ever. This is a great snack too!!

Also, any veggie is a great side! Avocados are always the best.

xo, Steph 


  1. I love soft-boiled eggs! Your day of food looks amazing!

  2. I thought doing the whole 30 you can't eat potatoes