paleo meals on-the-go

I love eating simple meals. Meals that I can eat on-the-go are even better.

My mornings trying to get two kids out the door are a little hectic. I also commute almost 2.5 hours TO WORK in the mornings. Yep. That's the joy of living in Northern Virginia.

So, as much as I want those awesome smoothie bowls you see on Instagram, or those really fluffy layered pancakes that I drool over, I don't have time do make those. So,I keep it simple, easy, and filling. BUT really yummy. Runny egg yolk with red potatoes, and some crispy bacon is seriously the best. 

Also, let me tell you about those chicken chile lime burgers from Trader Joe's. They are a LIFE SAVER. You can eat them bunless, with a salad, or topped with a fried egg with breakfast. They are perfect for those nights where you don't feel like making a huge meal. They are kid approved too. Win.Win. Here are a few of the meals that I have had on repeat the past couple of weeks.

simple and easy!!

xo, steph 

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