finding balance


I am sorry for the lack of posts lately! It has been a lot of go, go, go and a lot less time for myself. Commuting over four hours a day, trying to find balance with family, marriage, work, eating healthy foods, and finding a moment to relax has been very challenging. You know - life.

Trying to get back into a routine after MONTHS of not being in one is hard. It's always "I will start Monday." Monday comes, and then something happens, and then I am saying "I will start Monday." Well, Monday's have come and gone for almost a year, and I have had a hard time finding some sort of balance.

I was eating 90% Paleo, but I felt like I was cheating on this lifestyle when I wanted a treat. I joined Weight Watchers, and love it (when I have been able to stick to it). I really don't want to do anymore Whole30's. Don't get me wrong, I love Whole30's , but I want to be able to find a balance between eating healthy 80%, and balance 20%.

Also, I want to get back into my old routine - yoga, running, working out, and eating healthy foods. AND posting more on my Instagram. I feel like that really kept me motivated, and since I haven't posted, my accountability is lacking. As silly as it might sound, it did keep me accountable. Posting my fitness routines, and sharing what I was eating - even if I was eating eggs, and bacon it was accountability.

Oh, and I also want to restart the BBG workouts for the 45,785 time. I am not going to lie - these workouts are challenging. When I bought the guide, I thought 30 minute home workouts shouldn't be that hard. NOPE. The workouts are hard, but you will see results. I was seeing results after three weeks, but life happened, and I am restarting AGAIN. It's not a big deal, I feel like sometimes things happen, and you have to find yourself.

I also want to thank the people that reached out to me to ask if I was okay, and telling me that they missed my posts. It really means a lot, and it's the reason I am back. Now, I need to head to Trader Joe's to stock up!!

xo, Steph

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