that paleo life

Hello, lovely people! Wow, I cannot believe it's already September! This year has been super crazy busy! There are only a few more months left of 2016, but it's not going to stop me from getting back into a realistic routine.

Over three years ago, I discovered the Paleo diet, and had great success with it. It helped me drop the remaining baby weight after having my daughter. I lost a total of 95 pounds (not all because of Paleo) before getting pregnant with my son during the summer of 2013. After having my son, I ate a very strict Paleo diet, and got back into shape. All I did was eat Paleo approved food, running, yoga, and going to the gym. I didn't have to do anything crazy, and lost 40 pounds in four months.

I loved eating Paleo, but for the past year I have been eating this way on and off. My body hates me for it too. I am bloated, stressed, unmotivated, I don't sleep well, and always craving awful foods - like sugar.

It's now time to get back into my old routine, I loved how eating Paleo made me feel. I had tons of energy, my skin looked amazing, my hair and nails grew fast, and I didn't feel bloated. I also had motivation to run, do yoga, and go to the gym - AND LESS STRESS. Paleo works for me. Don't fix what's not broken, right?

So, I am back into my old ways of eating - Paleo. I don't want to do a Whole30 right now, since I really enjoy smoothies (that's a gray area with Whole30), and I really want to make some Paleo tortillas, and Paleo zucchini bread. Plus I want to have balance - you know a glass of wine!

I really miss meal prepping, and and cooking - a lot. Overall, I miss my old healthy habits, and I am back into my old routine. Grocery list is complete, and my meals are planned for the next couple of weeks! I cannot wait to share my journey to get back into shape, and some yummy food!!

Fall seven times, stand up eight.

xo, Steph 

**here are some great resources if you are looking to eat Paleo or start a Whole30