trader joe's // whole30 approved haul

I love sharing my grocery hauls! Trader Joe's is probably one of my favorite grocery stores. They offer a great selection of organic food, and it's not expensive. Even though I am not doing a Whole30, I love stocking up on Whole30 approved food there.

I can always find organic sweet potatoes there, and their Spicy Italian Chicken Sausage is great for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Try making their sausage with some scrambled eggs, diced sweet potatoes, and it's the perfect Whole30 approved breakfast. 

Love that it's fig season!! I picked up a pack of figs, and tossed them in the freezer for later. I always grab a jar of coconut oil. I rarely cook with it, but I use it mostly for a moisturizer, and I oil pull.

Hope you enjoy my Whole30 approved grocery haul!!

xo, Steph

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