get out stay out // big schloss

Big Schloss is one of my favorite hikes, and I have done it multiple times. The views here are amazing! The hike is four miles, and rated a two difficulty on Hiking Upward. If you are looking for a great beginner hike, I really recommend going. It's located at George Washington National Forest. Also, I recommend getting there early, it does get busy late morning.

The leaves were just starting to change color too, and the weather was chilly which made made it even better.

Once you make it to the top of the mountain, the feeling of accomplishment is amazing. It's great to sit, and take in the views, and enjoy a great snack and re-hydrate! I always pack lots of snacks (fruit, almonds, and a protein bar), and make sure to bring enough water.

Opt Outside!!

xo, steph

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