weekly goals // november 20, 2016

There are six weeks left of 2016!!! Where has this year gone?!! I refuse to go into 2017 not on track.

I woke up early this morning, and went to Target alone for groceries. Going to Target alone, is like a mini vacation! My husband was out of town this weekend, and my kids went to my parents! It was a nice quiet weekend relaxing, and creating realistic goals. I wrote out all my meals for the week, and decided to commit to BBG 100% - again!! I hope to get past week three this time!

I have off all week, and I am excited to focus on myself for the next seven days. I want to get back into yoga, so I registered for a few hot yoga classes this week. I also found my PIYO program that I bought two years ago that I never completed.

I really love tracking my macros! I decided to eat mostly Paleo while tracking. As much as I want to do a Whole30, I cannot give up my bowl of oatmeal and avocado toast! Avocado toast with a fried egg is AMAZING! Eating mostly Paleo is something that I really enjoy, and I love how I feel eating this way. I don't feel bloated, and have a lot of energy.

xo, steph

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