weekly workout // bbg week one

This week flew by! It was nice to have the week off, and get caught up with life. I stayed really active this week. While the kids were at school, and daycare I was able to get my workouts completed, and not trying to rush through working out at night. I also, got back on the mat with some much needed hot yoga classes! My meals were mostly Paleo, and kept it gluten and dairy free.

  • BBG Week 1 - Legs and Cardio
  • 21 Day Fix - Total Body Cardio Fix
  • 60 minute hot yoga class
  • 21 Day Fix - Upper Fix
  • BBG Week 1 - Arms & Abs
  • 21 Day Fix - Lower Fix
  • Rest Day - I enjoyed my Thanksgiving with family, and friends!
  • BBG Week 1 - Full Body
  • 21 Day Fix - Total Body Cardio Fix
  • 75 minute hot yoga class

I wrote down and tracked all my meals, and drank a lot of water! I have noticed now that I am drinking more water, I sleep a lot better, and I don't feel bloated. I try to drink a gallon a day, and limit myself to only two cups of coffee. Before I was drinking three cups, sometimes four!

The BBG workouts are my favorite. They are about 30 minutes, and you will sweat - a lot. Even though I haven't made it to week 12, I love the results that I see. Be prepared to do A LOT of squats, and push-ups if you decided to do BBG! I don't mind squats, but I really love doing lunges! I have added my 21 Day Fix workouts to my morning routine. It's a good workout to start your day if you can't make it to the gym. I figure if I spent the money on the DVDs, I should use them!

xo, steph 


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