that paleo life

If you are thinking about trying the Paleo life, or you want to get back into eating a Paleo lifestyle, I really recommend Practical Paleo by Diane Sanfilippo. This book is the first edition, but it is AMAZING! She recently released Practical Paleo, Second Edition, and it's on my list to buy.

Practical Paleo is pretty much the Paleo bible of books. She talks about the health benefits of living a Paleo lifestyle, the health benefits of avoiding processed foods, and so many healthy easy Paleo recipes.

This book is my go-to for all my Paleo needs, and questions. If you are new to eating the Paleo lifestyle you really need to add this to your book collection. One of my intentions for 2017 is to go back to eating a mostly Paleo lifestyle. I really miss how I felt eating a strict Paleo lifestyle. I had so much energy, I felt great, my skin and hair grew fast, I didn't breakout, and I was less stressed. Seriously. 

January 1st, 2017 I am starting my ninth Whole30. I want to start off 2017 detoxing from 2016 all the right healthy ways - that I know work for me. Whole30 isn't just weight loss for me, but getting back into a healthy relationship with food. 2016 was one busy crazy year, and I am ready to make 2017 my fittest year.  

bye, 2016!

xo, steph 


all about that yolk

If you haven't tried avocado toast with a runny fried egg, you're missing out. Seriously. It's probably one of my favorite breakfast meals - next to bacon and eggs. 

I really love Vital Farms pasture raised eggs. They are my go-to egg brand. Their hens are treated humane, and they don't use any chemicals on their farms. You can really see the difference in the color of a pasture raised yolk, than a regular egg yolk. Pasture raised yolks are more orange, and a regular egg is a light yellow. You can even taste the difference in eggs - happy hens lay healthier eggs!! 

Canyon Bakehouse is also my go-to for my gluten free bread. They offer dairy, nut, and soy free products made without GMOs. 

Toast, mashed avocado, runny fried egg, topped with crushed red pepper flakes = AMAZING. 

xo, steph


yoga essentials // on and off the mat

If you are looking to start practicing yoga, or you are trying to get back on the mat, I wanted to share some awesome yoga essentials. These goodies are great to have at home, or to take to your yoga class. I really recommend a good yoga mat, and a yoga towel for those sweaty hot yoga classes. If you are looking to work on your back bends, and balance - a yoga wheel is a must!

These yoga essentials are also fun, and motivating! I really recommend a Himalayan Salt Lamp. It helps purify the air, helps with sleep, and creates a calm energy. If you are big into essential oils, I really recommend a diffuser. Diffusers help with aromatherapy, and makes your home smell amazing!

images: gaiam/vagabond goods/legendary collections 21/saje || photo collage by: love living whole

  1. Love this Venice Palm Yoga Mat from Vagabond Goods 
  2. Detox your home with Glow Hand Carved Natural Crystal Himalayan Salt Lamp from Legendary Collections 21
  3. Meditate with Aromagem 2.0 Gold Ultrasonic Diffuser from Saje 
  4. The perfect yoga towel for that hot yoga class Sayulite Microfiber Towel from Vagabond Goods 
  5. Finding balance with this Yoga Wheel
These would be perfect gifts for your favorite yogi! 

xo, steph 


it's always bootie season

I am all about being versatile. When selecting clothing items, I like to keep it simple, and I try to wear a lot of my clothing year round. I am in love with Sole Society. They offer a great selection of shoes, and are reasonably priced! 

Booties are great to dress up, and dress down, and you can wear them with almost anything. I selected five of my favorite pairs of shoes from their website that are great to add to your capsule wardrobe. 

I am really starting to like the open toe booties. They would be perfect to wear with cutoff jean shorts, or a maxi dress! Even though it's December here in Virginia, I am already thinking about my summer wardrobe! 

credit: shoes images from sole society website // photo collage created by: love living whole

  1. Sole Society Zada in color Coffee
  2. Sole Society Freja in color Chestnut
  3. Lucky Brand Hartlee in color Dark Moss
  4. Coconuts by Matisse Lambert in color Black
  5. Sole Society Olive in color Coffee

 Life is too short to wear boring shoes!

xo, steph