all about that yolk

If you haven't tried avocado toast with a runny fried egg, you're missing out. Seriously. It's probably one of my favorite breakfast meals - next to bacon and eggs. 

I really love Vital Farms pasture raised eggs. They are my go-to egg brand. Their hens are treated humane, and they don't use any chemicals on their farms. You can really see the difference in the color of a pasture raised yolk, than a regular egg yolk. Pasture raised yolks are more orange, and a regular egg is a light yellow. You can even taste the difference in eggs - happy hens lay healthier eggs!! 

Canyon Bakehouse is also my go-to for my gluten free bread. They offer dairy, nut, and soy free products made without GMOs. 

Toast, mashed avocado, runny fried egg, topped with crushed red pepper flakes = AMAZING. 

xo, steph

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