dealing with blogger burnout

Hello! Remember me? The girl that used to post multiple times a day, and loved sharing Whole30, and Paleo food? Well, life happened, and I haven't been very inspired lately. As much as I love sharing food, I feel like I am tired of always just posting food. I want to start sharing other things that make me happy, and hopefully inspire others. I love fitness, gardening, yoga, and hiking. Those were the things I started this blog off with, and I really miss that.

I guess you could call it blogger burnout. I started this blog in December 2012, and loved to blog! It started to become more of a chore, and I got tired of social media. Deleting my blog, and Instagram was something that I thought about, but a lot of people have reached out to me wondering how I have been. Honestly, it really makes me want to start posting again. I want to share how I am getting back into blogging after taking a break, and what will keep me on track. Not only with blogging, but getting back into a fitness routine.

During my break from social media, I have made a list of all the thing that I really enjoy doing. Writing down goals on paper, and what I enjoy really helps me stay focused. I created an editorial calendar of all the ideas I want to share here. It will be more than just food, and more beauty, fashion, fitness, and motherhood. My whole life, and loving it. Even the set backs, because that's what life is about.

Always stay inspired! 

xo, Steph 


  1. Steph, I conveniently bumped into your Pintress account...which is great BTW. Life is definitely a full time endeavor isn't it, add to it feeding the sosh, media fish and you have yourself a job. It's easy to forget the true purpose behind what we do sometimes...is it to feed and train the fish...or was it your lifes journey and the things you learn along the way that you were trying to share? Based on what little I have seen, I would guess the later. To return to that as you grow and move forward seems right...doesn't it? Sometimes the block can be your perspective...what do the fish want vs this is what I learned, screwed up, built, accomplished. At the end of the day I think you will find that's all the fish were really searching for...a chance to learn and grow from another beautiful sole :-)
    Good luck to you!!

  2. Its one of the famous Joker Quote "Madness as you know is like gravity,all you need is a little push"Thanks for sharing this article with us.keep posting

  3. I’d love to see whatever you’re up to these days! <3

  4. Just came over here to check out what you're up to. I miss you on Instagram!